Rex's USA Diary

Rex, at ease after a day of exploring America

Hi Folks!

This site is an on-line diary about places, people and things of interest to a Kiwi in the USA. Follow along as I explore Maryland (where I lived between 2001 - 2005) and other states, mainly on the eastern seaboard of the US.

The historical aspects of this coast include the first colonial settlements (Pilgrims, founding fathers and all that), the Civil War (Gettysberg, Rebs, Unionists) and gaining commerce access to the hinterland (canals, roads and railroads).

Diary Summary

The content ranges from my domestic setup and survival in a land of plenty, my house and garden, shopping and getting around. There is stuff about the weather, driving like a lunatic and (gasp) cycling out there.

The 'exploring' pages may appeal more, as they keep track of my tiger hunting, moose tracking, bear wrestling exploits and any songs or poetry that I might write. All good stuff and I look forward to sharing my memories from these heady days.